Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Motivation Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Motivation Paper - Essay Example Fifth or the last layer of hierarchy is related to the need of self-actualization. At this stage, a person is motivated to achieve the highest degree of autonomy and comfort in life. Engagement has become very necessary in today’s business world. â€Å"Engagement may have been optional in the past, but it’s pretty much the whole game today† (Hamel). This theory will be effective in increasing employee engagement because the managers can target the first four layers of needs to increase employee motivation and engagement levels. The managers can provide employees with housing allowance to meet one of their basic physiological needs. They can also provide them with a safe and interactive work environment to meet their second and third layers of needs. Fourth layer of needs can also be met by appreciating the hard work of employees and encouraging them. If managers focus on these little things, they can definitely increase the employee engagement level. The need for achievement is the need of a person to achieve all personal and professional goals. Achievement of any type of goal makes people happy and confident. Power is another human need. People, who are motivated by power, want to dominate and shape other people’s views and behaviors. The third need is the need for affiliation. People want to make relationships with other people in order to remain active in the society. This theory cannot be very effective in increasing the employee engagement level because it focuses more on materialism, which is neither good for an employee nor for the company. For example, this theory focuses on achievement and power. People definitely struggle in their lives to achieve something but when they will always work for personal achievements, they will put their job responsibilities aside and it will not be in favor of the company. Similarly, if managers give them more power than they should get in

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